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Trading Made Simple.


Recommended Forex Education 

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Learn by Doing 

Understanding the basics on Forex 

Kick off your trading journey by learning the basics. Our team will share with you all the knowledge on the Forex market, teach you key terms you will need and guide you through from the basics. 

Build your Portfolio

Getting Started on your Trading Journey

Over the next 10 weeks, Emporia coaches will guide you through on setting up trades and explain different strategies that will help you understand trading better. 

Achieve your Goals

Bringing it to The Next Level

Emporia coaches will teach you how to refine and perfect your trading set ups. You will be creating trading plans and choosing strategies using tools to achieve 

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In Emporia, we value providing proper trading education and contents which can be easily accessible to everyone.

We ensure to hear from our students and hope to improve our programmes and services. 

Whether you are a newbie, beginner, experienced or intermediate level in trading forex, the passionate and talented team at Emporia strives to accelerate and bring your trading skills to a higher level. The mastery of trading the market is difficult to achieve, yet it is not impossible to perfect your strategy and refine the way you perceive market movements. Joining the Emporia community will definitely benefit you in some ways if you put in the effort to digest and translate guidance into results. I am thankful to have join led the program as a total newbie and emerged as a trader with enough skills to build my own experience and portfolio.connect data from your collection.

Evans Leong

Emporia taught me how to be self reliant, and be confident with the trading strategy that I have developed with their guidance. I am grateful for their patience and dedication in teaching and mentoring me to truly understand the art of price action, and I felt assured when they guided me and showed me improvements that can be made, especially during the 1 month guided demo period. My greatest takeaway from them would be how they taught me to see market structure and how to breakdown the charts systematically. It is almost second nature to me now , and knowing how to properly trade is definitely life changing.

Hafi Rostam
Chew Woon Hong

In order to be profitable in forex you need to have adequate knowledge and enough weapons in your artillery, for example: Trendlines, Key levels, Stop losses/Take profits, Market patterns & Structure etc. Emporia was able to help me to improve & refine what I've learnt and to apply it correctly. Thankful for the guidance & also to expand my trading social circle! 



In Emporia, we have several programmes to help kickstart your journey. 

These programmes are designed to guide and refine your training concepts and approach to progress further into your trading career.


The Trading Framework

The Trading Framework is a 10-week intensive online coaching programme.


The Inner Circle 

The Inner Circle is a live trading analysis giving you insights on the current market every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

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The Trading Framework

The Trading Framework is a 10-week intensive live coaching programme.

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The Co-Working Space

The Co-Working Space provides an opportunity for individuals to work in a conducive environment. 

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