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About Emporia

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At Emporia Group, we seek individuals who are interested to begin their trading career by offering our educational  programmes to help kickstart and improve their trading journey


We aim to make trading as simple as possible and easy for everyone to understand.


Our goal is to help everyone become profitable traders through our programmes and content that we release on all our platforms.

We have a total of over 100 students since we have first started and have helped each one of them progress in their trading career.


We have students that have reached a point where they have become full time traders and averaging 5 figures each month consistently.


Our Vision is to create a community full of like-minded individuals to achieve greater heights in trading.

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Our goal is to provide proper trading education and content which can be easily accessible to everyone.

By creating a community of traders in Singapore, traders can share different concepts and strategies to improve one's trading knowledge.


We aim to do this by integrating traders from all walks of life to trade in our co-working space to learn and grow with one another. 


We also aim to create a career path for our students, to work together with Emporia and achieve greater milestones in the near future.  

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